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For the past 20 years, we've been drafting QDROs (Qualified Domestic  Relations Orders) which are very special types of Court Orders required by most pension and retirement plans to divide out retirement benefits for divorcing spouses from all types of retirement plans. Our normal charge for most of these orders is $495.00. However, we're conducting a market test to determine just how much business is available at just $445.00 which gives you a savings of $50.00​.

This is our latest test and for a very limited time- If you need a QDRO and you get your order emailed to us or
postmarked before the test ends, we will prepare your QDRO for only $445.00. REMEMBER - Waiting can cost you money or even possibly cause you to lose your benefit.

You will save $50.00 at this very special price; but, only if you have your order emailed to us or
​postmarked prior to the test ending!

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Select your worksheet now in a:  "PDF VERSION" OR, in a: "WORD" TYPE FILLABLE VERSION.

[Don't worry about any preprinted prices shown on the price list or elsewhere on any other pages of this web site. Your QDRO package will be completed for only $445.00provided you have included your payment in the form of a check, money order or credit card information with a properly filled out worksheet that is postmarked or emailed ​ to us prior to the test ending.]

Mr. Gardner is normally reachable by email anytime and personally available to take your calls between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m. Monday through Friday if you have questions and need to contact him prior to submitting your order.

Our web site should answer most of your questions.  [See Home Page Easy QDRO]; but, if you're having a problem getting your info. together or have a question for Mr. Gardner, just pick up the phone and call him as there is no extra charge for this service and he'll walk you through the process as it pertains to your particular situation.

So, I encourage you print the worksheet and get your info. together because, you really don't want to miss this opportunity to get what you need and Save $50.00  OFF the regular price! You may also email us at EZBR.INFO@AOL.COM anytime.


We guarantee that the QDRO, COAP or other type specialized division order that we prepare for you will be acceptable to the plan administrator; or, we will redraft it to include any changes that the plan administrator requires to make it acceptable at absolutely no additional charge to you provided that you have furnished us with the correct information!

Select your Checklist / Work sheet  format now: "PDF Version" or "WORD Version".

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