Why should I use Easy QDRO?

Answer:  You’ll have ppersonalized attention to your particular situation from a dedicated specialist. You’ll get a quality product - The Qualified Domestic Relations Order or other specialized Division Order you need; and, at a very reasonable fixed fee. Plus, you'll have a guaranteed approval. You probably should just select a worksheet in a "PDF" or "WORD" Version now, and follow the instructions or just skip to number (6) and Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULTATION; but, if you want more details:

Using EASY QDRO is the really the easiest and surest way to get your Qualified Domestic Relations Order drafted to conform to all the complex requirements of ERISA, IRS, and the DOL, or, if it is a Federal Plan, to the Code of Federal Regulations, as well as the controlling State Law and the Plan’s requirements. And, if you draft an Order that fails to conform to all these requirements, your "QDRO" won’t be approved, and, you’ll suffer needless delay in getting it revised and approved. Therefore, if you don’t use Easy QDRO, you could cost yourself some benefits (money) to which you should be entitled. And, here's a great tip for you:

Get your QDRO filed as soon as possible!
If you wait, you could lose some or all of your money - especially, if the participant should, remarry, retire or die before you get your QDRO filed with the Plan!

Unlike some services that cut corners by only drafting the QDRO, we give you the complete QDRO package at one low guaranteed price and we offer additional services most others do not if you should need them! We do it all for you. There are no extra charges with Easy QDRO and you have our guarantee on it; so, just select your "PDF" or "WORD" Version worksheet to get started now, and/or Call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULT!

That’s really the bottom line and skipping to number (6) may be sounding good by now; but, if you insist on more technical answers to more questions - read on.

2.  What is a "QDRO" and why do I need it?

Answer:  A “QDRO” ( pronounced - Quadro) is an acronym for Qualified Domestic Relations Order. This is a special Order that is used to get the Participant’s Retirement Plan to pay your portion of the benefits that you deserve directly to you. It is usually called a "QDRO" if it pertains to a retirement plan that falls under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), which protected retirement plan assets from creditors. A retirement plan will not divide benefits or provide for payments without an approved "QDRO".  Are you ready to - Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULT!

3.  What is a Division Order and why do I need it?

Answer:  Most people, including many lawyers and judges, just call any type of Domestic Relations Order a QDRO; but some are technically called a COAP. Think of a Division Order as serving the same purpose as a "QDRO", but, being required by a Retirement Plan that doesn’t fall under ERISA. Most Federal, Civil Service, Thrift Savings Plans and some or Private Plans may fall into this category. Federal Plans require a special type of order called a Court Order Acceptable for Processing (COAP) and won’t divide benefits or provide payments without an approved "COAP". You don't have to worry about these details. Just, Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULTATION!

4.  Why isn’t my Final Judgment which states that I get the benefit good enough?

Answer:  Because each of these plans fall under different laws and are administered by different depts. Therefore, each plan has to be worded specifically to be acceptable under the controlling Federal Law, Code, or Regulation as well as under the state law which gave you the initial rights or entitlement to such a division of benefits. And, yes - it also has so meet the guidelines for the administrator of the plan. To meet the stringent requirements for proper construction of a "QDRO" or "COAP" one could need more than 20 different specific provisions. You really better do it now! Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULT!

5.  Why didn’t my attorney draft the order as part of my divorce?

Answer:  There could be numerous reasons. You could ask them. But, I suspect that they would tell you that while they may be the best at what they do, that the convergence of all the federal laws, regulations and plan requirements here makes this so involved that you would save more time and money, using my service, than if they had to research all the complexities, then draft, the order and obtain approval of it.

Or, they may shorten that answer and just tell you, “It’s in your best interest for us to out source this job to a specialist like Mr. Gardner. Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a "FREE CONSULT!"

After all, it was after many years of having attorneys ask me to draft these type orders for them, that I decided to specialize in this field because of the specialized knowledge needed to properly prepare such an order. Attorneys still utilize my service for drafting, and, then, they submit the order for their client and forward it to the Plan Administrator for implementation. So, why don't you stop worrying and - Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULTATION!

​6.  OK. What’s the procedure and how do I get started?

Answer:  Choose a format, fill in the blanks and send it to us NOW! "PDF" or "WORD" Version. Or, Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264 - 4005 for a FREE CONSULTATION. He will guide you through the process as it pertains to your situation. Remember, there is no charge until you retain our services. Then you only have the one fixed fee that covers everything in the QDRO Package including any follow up consultations that may be needed with you, your attorney or, when needed, with the Plan Administrator.

7.  What forms of payment do you accept?

Answer:  We accept checks, money orders, debit cards,  and most major credit cards including: Visa, Mastercard, Discover card, and American Express cards and cash; but, of course, it's not a good idea to send cash through the mail.

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