STATE PLANS:  Most are just $495.00; but, Call for a Quote on the particular plan.

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We’ll prepare a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or QDRO for any State Retirement Plan,
any County Retirement Plan, or City Retirement Plan including any School Retirement Plan.

This includes Retirement Plans for employees of State supported or Private Universities. In short, whether it’s for a County School Board employee or and employee/participant in a Private School Retirement Plan, we can prepare the correct Order you need for dividing out the retirement Plan’s benefits between divorcing spouses.


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You not only get All the Above at One Guaranteed Flat Price of Just $445.00, we can help you with additional services if you need them. Some of these are particularly helpful if you have already got your divorce and are now trying to get your QDRO done after the Court has already signed the Final Judgment or Decree.  Or, if you are doing your own Divorce without attorneys and wondering how to properly word your final judgment or decree so that it will match up with your QDRO terms, you might find these very helpful!

Additional Services Offered:

Preparation of any of the following documents or custom wording for a Decree/Judgment:

“Motion To Enter A QDRO”
“Motion To Reopen For Entry of a QDRO”
“Custom wording paragraph(s) required for insertion into a Decree/Judgment

Some times they are called QDRO’s or sometimes COAPS [Court Orders Acceptable For Processing] or just Qualified Division Orders for Retirement benefits or Domestic Relations Orders.

These Additional Services are also 100% Guaranteed to be acceptable to the Court or
we will redraft at no additional charges to you!

Some ODRO preparers only draft your QDRO; but, we go beyond the basic preparation!

​​Our QDRO and DIVISION ORDER PACKAGES are complete! We provide you with:

  1. ​The “Actual QDRO” or “other type Division Order” the Plan requires,
  2. ​An easy to follow, “Step by Step Instruction Letter” to help you get it signed by the Court so you can mail it to the Plan Administrator for processing and payment after the judge signs it and the clerk certifies the QDRO.
  3. ​A separate “Submission Letter” you will use to mail with the QDRO to the Plan so the Plan Administrator can process it and pay you.
  4. We even check with the Plan to see if they allow your QDRO to be submitted for a pre-approval before the Court even signs it. If they do, we’ll follow the Plan’s established procedures for getting that pre-approval for you by pre-submitting for you; or, if they require you to personally pre-submit for a pre-approval, we’ll furnish you a “separate pre-approval submission package” that you will simply mail to the Plan.

Now, that’s a lot of value even at our regular price of $495.; but, with our special promotion of
ANY QDRO for JUST $445. saving you $50. OFF, That’s Real Savings of up to $50.00!

Don’t forget that WE GUARANTEE THE QDRO WILL BE ACCEPTED; or, we will make any changes the
​Plan Administrator wants without any additional charges to you!

Specialists in drafting all types of QDROs for all 50 States

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You don’t need to worry about the details, just click here for a "PDF" or here for a "WORD", download of our Easy QDRO Info. Worksheet, fill it out, send it to us; and, you’ll have the Order you Need in no time at all.

2 Letters of Instruction and when needed a Qualified Division Order For Division of A Regular IRA or Roth IRA


(These are the most commonly used plans by any types of businesses other than Government)
Defined Contribution Plan: (401(k), 403(b), Profit sharing etc


Defined Benefit Plan: (Pension Plans)


Federal Thrift Savings Plan (TSP)


Civil Service Plans (CSRS)


Federal Employee Retirement Plans (FERS)


Military and Military Reserve Plans


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If the State Court System you need an Order for is ANY STATE that is listed here, we’ll do your Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO, COAP, or any other type QDRO) for just $445.00. This offer is good for any employer, including all: Federal, State, County and City employers in ANY state, as well as, All Private and Corporate Employers in ANY State. You pay only one flat fee and never any extra charges and our Orders are GUARANTEED FOR ACCEPTANCE!

Any type of Qualified Domestic Relations Order for  Any Plan in any of these State Court Systems

is only $445.00 during this Market Test
and It is

 Guaranteed For Acceptance by the Plan! 

[Orders are regularly $495.00.]

Alabama  QDRO
Louisiana  QDRO
Ohio  QDRO
Alaska QDRO
Maine  QDRO
Oklahoma QDRO
Arizona QDRO
Maryland  QDRO
Oregon  QDRO
Arkansas  QDRO
Massachusetts  QDRO
Pennsylvania  QDRO
California  QDRO
Michigan  QDRO
South Carolina  QDRO
Colorado  QDRO
Mississippi  QDRO
South Dakota  QDRO
Connecticut   QDRO
Missouri  QDRO
Tennessee  QDRO
Delaware  QDRO
Montana  QDRO
Texas  QDRO
Florida  QDRO
Nebraska  QDRO
Utah  QDRO
Georgia  QDRO
New Hampshire  QDRO
Vermont  QDRO
Hawaii  QDRO
New Jersey  QDRO
Virginia  QDRO
Idaho  QDRO
New Mexico  QDRO
Washington, DC  QDRO
Illinois  QDRO
Nevada  QDRO
Washington  QDRO
Indiana  QDRO
New York  QDRO
West Virginia  QDRO
Iowa  QDRO
North Carolina  QDRO
Wisconsin  QDRO
Kansas  QDRO
North Dakota  QDRO
Wyoming  QDRO
Kentucky QDRO