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The Truth About Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROS)

[You don't really need to read below; but if you really want to learn details - go ahead!] 

At EASY QDRO, Mr. Gardner provides Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) drafting, as well as the drafting of Court Orders for division of Federal, Military and other non-ERISA retirement plans (COAP). He offers quick turnaround, personal service and he strives for your total satisfaction when you retain him for drafting services. Your Order won’t simply be passed along to another specialist.

Mr. Gardner decided to specialize in "QDRO" and Division Order preparation after spending 20 plus years dealing with Family Law Matters, including: QDROs and retirement plans, such as Defined Benefit Plans, Defined Contribution Plans, Military and Civil Service retirement plans. He has a knowledge of the process to help you get the quickest approval from the plan at a most reasonable cost. His experience, dedication and philosophy are shown in his personally prepared comments below:

Did you know that it's best to get your QDRO done ASAP? Some times folks wait  thinking the retirement plan won't let them draw their money before the other party retires; but, that's not always true! Plus, Waiting may cause YOU to lose your Money if the other person dies, remarries or even retires before you get your order on the record. So, draft your QDRO ASAP!

Some Advantages To Using My Services Are:

A.    I am a Dedicated QDRO & Division Order Specialist.

B.    I offer you a complete solution to the entire process for one low flat fee. There are no extra or hidden charges - and, NEVER ANY EXTRA CHARGES.

C.    I will draft the order and help oversee the submission process with you; including, where applicable, a submission to the plan for pre-approval.

D.    Personalized service, you may contact me at anytime to discuss your case, I usually return calls and e-mails promptly; and, I don’t charge extra for keeping            you informed.

E.    Timely turnaround, I will have your QDRO or division order drafted within 10 business days or less of receiving your completed information and payment.

F.    With the final "QDRO", I’ll also include a brief Step by Step Instruction Letter for you to follow to submit your plan's Order to the Court. I will also  provide you        a submission letter for your use in submitting the Court’s Certified Order Copy to the plan administrator for implementation so you can get your money!

G.    Time is of the essence, I realize that every day that passes is vital to your financial future, or, if you‘re an attorney using my service, to your client’s financial         future. I understand that benefits could be lost, and, in some cases monthly payments missed if your Order isn‘t done within a reasonable time frame.

      However, by retaining my service you'll be giving yourself the best chance to secure all your rights to the plan's benefits just as quickly as possible.

H. Providing you give me the correct information, Guarantee Your Order Will Be Approvedor, I will make any corrections needed at no additional costs. 

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  1. You are getting a divorce or dissolution (the two words are used in different states but they mean the same thing - You and the spouse are ending the marriage and going your separate ways!).  If you're not in the process of getting a divorce/dissolution, it’s more than likely that you’ve already gotten one. Either way - you’re now heading in different directions than the spouse or former spouse!
  2. You may have done the paper work yourself (This is called a PRO SE action where you do it yourself.), or, you may have hired an attorney to help you. Either way you got nailed! That’s a nice way of saying you spent more money than you thought it should cost and to make things worse, IF YOU’RE DIVIDING OUT A PORTION OF RETIREMENT BENEFITS FROM ONE OR BOTH SPOUSES RETIREMENT PLAN(S) - you’re still not through! Surprise!!!! 
  3. You may ask: “Why, whatever do you mean saying I’m not through yet?”  I’ve got my Final Judgment signed by the judge right here and it says I get half of my former spouse’s pension or retirement plan or both. (That’s if you’re very lucky.)  But You’re still not through with it! Here’s why:

    Your final Judgment will state or does state that You are awarded a marital portion of one-half or 50% of your spouses’: IRA, 401K, 403B or some other type of retirement Plan or Pension.  But, ALL QUALIFIED RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS  require an additional, specially drafted Order, usually called a Qualified Domestic Relations Order, or, a QDRO, for short, to get the said retirement plan account to pay you what the Court said was your award!
  4. So, if you used an attorney, your next question is “Why didn’t my attorney do this or tell me about this?”  Good Question.  Here’s why:

    A.   Most attorneys don’t know how to draft such an order because it far more complex than the cookie cutter divorce law they work with in doing your divorce! And, they aren’t going to spend enough time and research to learn how because each Plan has different unique requirements peculiar to that plan. I’ve had attorneys contact me to draft such orders for their clients which they then billed to their clients at whatever rate they wanted to charge; and, some attorneys have just given their clients my name and number and told them to “Call Mr. Gardner directly and he’ll take care of it and you’ll save a lot of money.”

    B.   Further, each Plan is administered by a Plan Administrator who is going to examine any such QDRO with a fine tooth comb to make sure it complies with exactly what the terms of his plan require.

    C.   Divorces/Dissolutions are all handled under the laws of each state and those laws give the state the right to divide marital property which in this instance was a retirement plan of some kind.

    D.   However, The Retirement Plans are governed by: Federal Laws, IRS Regulations, Dept. of Labor Regulations and interpretations as well as the State Laws. Yes, 4 fingers of different branches or depts. of government is what makes it so complex that it’s necessary for you to have someone like myself who specializes in drafting such QDRO’s to draft your Order for you.

I’ve been doing this for about 20 years, for any kind of Plan, in any state, including those for Federal, State, County and City Governments as well as for: FERS, CSRS, DFAS, Military Retirements, Postal Service, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) and the Railroad Retirement Board Tier II Plan plus any type of Qualified Corporate Plan or Private Plan. The usual fee is $495.00; but, at present I’m conducting a nationwide test where I’m doing any QDRO or other specialized Division Order for any Plan for just $375.00.

Generally speaking, the sooner you get your Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) done, the better it is for you and the less chance you have to lose any of the benefits awarded to you in the divorce! We can draft the QDRO, and, even provide you with the accompanying language you should put into your final judgment if you’re not already divorced!

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