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We’ve been doing it for over  20 years and we do it for just about every type of plan you can think of: including those for: all branches of the Military, most City, State and Federal Government Plans, including: TSP, FERS, CSRS plus: private sector plans for those in 401k's, 403b's as well as a host of other private pension plans including defined benefit plans. If you need an Order to divide out the divorcing spouse's benefits of any type of retirement planyou really should call us!  Why?  Because we do it quickly, correctly, at a reasonable price, just $445.00 and providing you give us the correct information, we GUARANTEE the results!

You've been through enough! I'll make this simple for you: This is easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. You'll fill in a short Checklist/Worksheet which gives me the information I need to properly draft your QDRO.
  2. I'll properly prepare and return to you: your QDRO package which will include:
    A.   The actual QDRO for the Judge to sign,
    B.   A brief "Step by Step Instruction Letter" to help you get it signed by the Court and certified by the Clerk so you mail it to the Plan for                                              processing and payment.
    C.   A "Submission Letter" you'll mail to the Plan Administrator along with a copy of the Judge's signed Order.
  3. The Plan Administrator will process your QDRO so the Plan Can Pay You!


Don’t wait though because the sooner you get your QDRO done - the better it is for you!
Waiting might even cost you money and possibly a complete loss of your benefit.

  1. Select your format:"PDF Version" or"WORD Version".
  2. Fill in the blanks with the information requested. (It's OK, If you’re not sure about something, just fill in what you are sure of and come back to that later - after you get that information. And, if you’re stuck on something, give me a call, I’ll try to help you get the info. you need. Yes, You have a dedicated specialist who is a real person and is available to take or return your phone call to help you. You're not alone!)
  3. Send us the completed Worksheet with your credit card information, check or money order for just $445.00 made payable to: Easy QDRO, or, the parent company: ABLS Services. Be sure to include the first page of your Final Judgment, or if not done yet - the first page of any other court document in your case showing the parties names and case number in the heading; and, any page(s) related to or pertaining to the retirement being awarded to you.

    ​[You can scan these in and mail via email if you want the fastest service; or, you can use regular mail if you prefer.]

I really appreciate your getting these done so quickly. I’m sorry I asked for them on short notice and I really appreciate your quick service.

Dennis J. B.

1.   Why should I use Easy QDRO?

2.   What is a "QDRO" and why do I need a Qualified                Domestic Relations Order?

3.   What is a Division Order and why do I need it?


Everything you need to know  to get your Qualified Domestic Relations Order done quickly, correctly and affordablyis on this page -

"You‘ve Come To The Right Place - We Make It So... Easy for You"


Thank you for the quick turnaround! I see why the clerk’s office highly recommended you. I needed both Orders at my next hearing. Even though my ex’s lawyers gave me incorrect dates to put in the Order less than a week before the hearing, true to your word, you made the changes at no charge to help me get ready on time. You’ve done a very good job for me and I’m recommending you someone I know in Pittsburgh, PA who will need you kind of service. No wonder you’re so highly recommended!

Thanks for your help and the prompt service. I’m  glad I found your service on line and I appreciate how quickly and professionally you handled everything.

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I'm Mr. Gardner and I'll will be personally drafting your order. Your QDRO won’t be passed on to someone else because I personally
​draft all types of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders.  It's been my specialty for over 20 years.

I’ll draft and prepare more than just the Order.  You'll get a whole package at one low price:

    A.    Your QDRO, COAP or other type of division order as needed for you to get paid; and,
    B.    Your "Step by Step Instruction Letter" to help you get the court to sign your QDRO.
 C.    I’ll prepare a "Submission Letter" to send to the Plan along with the signed QDRO.

        [This is so the Plan Administrator can pay you your money.]

- PLUS -

I'll help you try to obtain a pre-approval for your QDRO if your Plan has a procedure for doing so.

Specializing In The Drafting of ALL TYPES of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders"

I had tried everything  and had no idea what else to do after my ex-husband’s death. Thank you very much for all your help!


"We make it SO... Easy For You"​

EASY QDRO Answers Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

("QDRO" is pronounced as "Quadro)


See, it’s really is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Got questions? Click here: "Frequently asked Questions" or Give me a call!
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New Jersey

Thank you for the great service.  I’ll be needing another one after the next hearing and I’ll be sure to contact you Mr. Gardner.


You need the QDRO and the sooner you get it the better.  
Don't wait because you could lose some or all of your monetary award!  
 I'll do it quickly and correctly; but you must ACT NOW!

We prepare All Types of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for any and All Types of Plans!
​This includes: QDRO’s, COAP’s, and more covering IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s,  All Corporate and Private Plans, plus:

All Federal Retirement Plans

Civil Service Retirement System Plans such as: 
CSRS, FERS, and, any other Office of Personnel  Management Plans.
Civilian and Postal Thrift Savings Plans, and Military Thrift Savings Plans.

All DFAS Administered Plans including: All Military Retirements, including:
​Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, etc.

All States, County or City Government Qualified Retirement Plans which includes:

Transit Authority Retirement Plans, School Board and Teacher's Retirement System Plans, etc.

If it’s a Retirement Plan, We can prepare the Order you need and..........
 We Guarantee It’s Acceptance!


I was facing a foreclosure and needed this ASAP to save our home after the divorce. You really came through for us. Thank you!


I was hesitant about using someone so far away; but, you really came through for me and I’m glad I chose your service!

S W.
​New Jersey 

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Easy QDRO.Info ( You're in the Right Place! )     "Quick, Low Cost QDRO's & COAP Orders"

That’s all you really need to know or do; however, if you want to read a little more about Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO’s) and other types of division orders, and, maybe get answers to  a few of the more frequently asked questions such as the following:

"We make it SO... Easy For You"

​4.   Why isn’t my Final Judgment which states that I get the                    benefit good enough?

5.   Why didn’t my attorney draft the order as part of my divorce?

6.   OK. What’s the procedure and how do I get started? 

Give Mr. Gardner a call NOW at (904) 264-4005 for a FREE CONSULTATION.
He will guide you through the process as it pertains to your particular situation. Remember, there is no charge until you retain our services, and, then you only have the one fixed fee that covers everything including any follow up consultations that may be needed with you, your attorney or, when needed, with the Plan Administrator.

Act now though because delaying can cost you money - possibly a lot of money!

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